“Our Basic Estate Plans”


basic estate planning

Our Basic Estate Packages:

Not having a “basic” estate plan is like driving without insurance. If a tragedy happens such as a vehicle accident, you will be responsible for the financial damages.  If you don’t have the insurance of basic estate planning such as a will, power of attorney, or trust, you are risking the possibility of difficulties for your family and/or heirs.

What happens to your children, your spouse, your pet, when you are unable to care for them is the most important decision you could make now.  Sickness, disability, even death are a part of life and life is uncertain.

Our experienced estate planning attorneys can put together an estate plan for you, your parents, even your pet.  Start with a free consultation to determine your estate needs.  A short free consultation can outline what you need and can be put in place quickly to give you the peace-of-mind that your family is protected.

See basic estate planning packages below and call today.  

Also give us a call if you are not sure if you don’t know your estate planning needs.